27 December, 2005


We had a brand name competition in my co. for the mobile phone. I won the second runner-up on the event. (Time to boast! ) ;) .Here is the list of winners as announced by my co. product manager (with brand name suggestions)

Winner: DGB Mobile - Mahantesh
1st Runner up: Genie - Pawan Bishnoi
2nd Runner up: Texera - Satheesh (Its me!!)

Wish to see our mobile hit the market soon and make a stunning start! Best wishes Digibee Team! btw Texera means Telecommunication(Tex) Era!

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Ghost Particle said...

Congratulations Saty. Hope your startup becomes the best and make you lots of money! Got any pics of the idea?

Nirek said...

@gp, thanx bro. this is not the startup! This competition is in my present company where i am working. My startup is still to get birth.

karthik m said...

congrats buddy... but one thing! genie is a very common name... and the first one... the name with abbrevations wont go well with mobile... TEXERA sounds neo,meaningful,catchy and will go down well .. i think!! (bit curious on with which name its going to hit the market...)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

congratulations!! cool, TEXERA is a awesome name for a mobile phone,

well ppl mite think its a shortened version of Texas Instruments or their related firm or even related to TEXECO,
cause all three have TEX in their name

Nirek said...

@Kart, Thanx dude. Me too dunno much about which will be final brand name. if it is Texera, I will be very very happy. ...probably the DGB - short form for Digibee (my co.)- will be the final name... We need to wait for some time to know more on it!

@Vatsan, I am honored. Thanks a lot. Texas, Texeco, Texera....thats sounds pretty similar!! Dunno whats gonna be the final product name! Your blog is quite intersting, read them.

Arun said...

Texera! Good one. DGB Mobile and Genie are not out of the box and they are boring. You could have given some explanation that gels well with the product's or the company's image. That should have given you the first prize. But still I believe Texera is a fancy name. There seems to be a lot in a name. :)

Nirek said...

@Gawli, thanx da! I accept Texera is not properly linked to the co. Thats more catchy word for any telecom product. ;) I am honoured to get your compliments Gawli! I hv got some good news , i will call you da!

Ghost Particle said...

Have a Happy 2006 Saty. May God bless you and your family for a wonderful and safe new year.