03 December, 2005

Seven, 7 and more....

Gp tagged me to 7 stuffs. Found this an interesting chain. So here is mine... ( Hey, I am off the current format too.) 7 things I can do

  1. work smartly (my Team leader may laugh at this... :)) ...)
  2. race in my bike and ofcourse crusing in chennai traffic line made my frens fuss about it
  3. spend lot of time with books (i am choosy about the books i read , those are mostly non-fictional)
  4. spend a lot of time with kids (my nieces Harini and Sakthi brought in a new world of change in my life)
  5. cook, but when someone volunteer to cook, i will take a backseat. Why to trouble my bumm unnecessarily??!
  6. concentrate and meditate, atleast one best thing about me
  7. Execute ideas into actions
7 things I cannot do
  1. hard work for exams, laziest bummmmmm
  2. do work as per schedule, burning midnight oil from chilhood
  3. live in mediocre lifestyle. Cant do da.... cant think about that too... always treat my soul with luxury
  4. let down my ego.
  5. live and perish as an aam admi, more repitition of #3
  6. be talkative, will pray to god to make me talkative atleast in next birth. I tried hard, but cant do...
  7. keep my place unorganized. dirty office sucks da.
7 things that attracts me to another person,
  1. Smile, the best attractor
  2. Motivation, this is one thing which i catches my attn
  3. Dressing style, great dress switches me ON.
  4. Confidence
  5. who speaks a lot, chatterbox
  6. extrovert & social
  7. last world's freak attitude

7 people who inspired me most

  1. Premnath, my cousin, scientist in NCL, Btech from IIT Bombay, MS and PhD from MIT
  2. Angana Jacob, my CAT training batchmate. Great gal with lots and lots of confidence. You deserve IIM- A admission buddy! Best wishes
  3. Gp, interesting blogger fren with lot of influence. chk what he did. earth2050
  4. Sam Walton, his life is very interesting
  5. My fren Venkat Prasad, the guy who taught me how to be an extrovert.
  6. Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian hero.
  7. My Dad, i found a lot of my good character is inherited from him. thanx dad for making me a good human.

7 things I plan to do before I die, i tried hard to fill in this with non-biz stuff.

  1. Own a cute ferrari two seater
  2. travel extensively in European nations, swiz, france, italy, germany....
  3. Write columns like writer sujatha
  4. Teach kids
  5. Date Isha Koppikar
  6. learn flute and guitar
  7. speak to Mittalica fame LN Mittal

7 souls who has lots of other important things to do but I still want to tag them...

  1. Gawli
  2. Jayan
  3. Redi
  4. Segu
  5. Krishna
  6. Veera
  7. Karthik


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Arun said...

thops, this is a tough job for me. :) i'll try it though.

Nirek said...

Sure gawli,
Give it a shot! Will be eager to hear abt urs

Ghost Particle said...

Hey! Supercool! U did it. Thanx for mentioning me...a million times...hahahah...

Hemm... U do have a cool list. Isha Gopikar n Mittal!

I like the reading and writing part. A columnist have lots of influence and also imagination.

Everyone wants to travel...if only the airfare was cheap.

The WalMart dude is amazing!

I must learn to meditate also. My brains all messed up bro.

I love to learn the trumpet and Sax.

I would like to meet ur Scientist cousin. he went to MIT! My dream.

All the best in ur aspirations bro.

Nirek said...

Thanx GP!
You are a great dude - worth million time mentioning in my blog!
have a great day!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

cool tag, u had the patience to do it eh?? thought this tag had done the rounds

RajeshSegu said...

A big welcome mention.

Thanks and great fan following I hope.

Keep it up.

I need to blog regularly from today and I will keep my promise of one post everyday.

Nirek said...

@Vatsan : thanx dude. this blog gave interesting insight on what i wish to do in life before death.

@Rajesh: Gud to hear from you after long time da.... i watch ur blog , its very interesting . when u r free, call me da

Jayan said...

I second Gawli. Will rty to put this in tomorrow.

Funnily, the number of comments that this post had (before I commented) was 7 :)

karthik m said...

a big things satheesh, not just 4 mentioning , but to be frank i dont know whats blogging just a couple of days before, then came ur mail with a link to ur blog... fortunately u posted one of ur best enteries[777] which impressed me a lot and the whole environment of ur blog i mean sculpted by u and ur friends is warm and healthy and infecting... so the bug has bitten me so quick cause of u... so u mentioning me out of affection than creditability of it(i checked into other links thay r doing charming blogings)... anyway as i said earlier with right advice from u guy... i will raise to this right spirit of blogging.....

karthik m said...

it is not big things but big thanks... just a slip of my butter fingers on key board.....