09 January, 2006

Leadership paradigm

Leaders are not born, But made. Leadership is top of pyramid in Interdependence paradigm, its essentially a change in thoughts towards achieving collective goal. Essential character for leaders
  • L - Loveable, affable, highly trusting and self-less
  • E - Extrovert, concentrate sincerely on team members' growth
  • A - Actively helping in solving the problems and set technically demanding goals
  • P - Principle driven, visonary

Alexander stood tall in setting example for leadership. Many management thoughts on leadership centered around the Alexander's vision and valor (Except peter drucker)

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Jayan said...

Satheesh : Is srivatsanmurali our own CITVatsan ? Let me know if there are any more CIT bloggers.

Nirek said...

Hey Jayan. this is CITVatsan da! he is great machi....getting 99.99 in CAT is too good! He is going to ISB this year da! He missed out in quans in this CAT, so didnt get any calls from IIM