06 January, 2006

Hey Bloggies!

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The blogworld is quite interesting. Here is an award for best weblogs. I am going to nominate few blogs (which i know) for this award.
Here is my nominations in different categories. Cheers ;)
Best web blog application Qumana, HelloPsyc
Best new weblog of 2005 Karthik
Best weblog group Earth 2050
Best weblog in technologies Segu Krsna
Best Photoblog   Fancy photons
Best topical weblog Arun
Best Asian blog  GP
Weblog of the year Visithra

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Arun said...

satheesh, thanks for the nomination. i appreciate it. 'll try to add more good stuff. but i'm not sure if i deserve it though.

visithra said...

nominations here too? awww thanks but dont really think i deserve it ;)