10 November, 2005

Rajat Gupta on Creating Indian Entrepreneurs

Rajat Gupta's article on Need for Indian Entrepreuners, The issues addressed are Right environment, skills include management knowledge/talent, availability of seed fund, social sharing. Having a killer idea is the starter for Entrepreuner driven business model. Sabeer bhatia and host of other indians in silicon valley proven this. The nurturing environment like silicon valley is necessary. VCs gets attracted to placed where entrepreuship sustains. Entrepreuners wants a place with abudance of financial support from VCs. Its a classical chicken-and-egg problem. This is a yet to reach a tipping point. Host of silicon valley banks are working as consortium to bangalore to develop entrepreunrs in IT. I am still looking for club or website where entrepreurship thinktank exists. If you know any one, do keep me posted.

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