10 November, 2005

Ogilvy & Ogilvyism

David ogilvy, father of advertisement world, dont require an introduction. Started with no clients in 1948,ogilvy adagecny has now worldwide presence. Truly impressive! Here are few Ogilvyism on Hardwork Hard Work I figure that my staff will be less reluctant to work overtime if I work longer hours than they do. I believe in the Scottish proverb: "Hard work never killed a man." Men die of boredom, psychological conflict and disease. They do not die of hard work. Agencies which frequently work nights and weekends are more stimulating, more successful - and more profitable. A tight ship is a happy ship - provided it is an informal ship. Ogilvy's latest SBI ads with "surprisingly SBI" caught my attention. Which bank has largest number of ATMs? which bank has more customers than population of Australia? blah..blah... Creative ads to promote the Big daddy of Indian Banking- State Bank of India.

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Ghost Particle said...

The ad media has changed alot in this decades. Ogilvy and alot of other industry ad leaders has changed the face of popular media and marketing. I just wonder what the future would be like.

Arun said...

It is not a surprise that SBI has large number of ATMs in India. Now-a-days, one can use his/her ATM card in many ATMs maintained by other banks. Hence, the ads should rather focus on the differentiating factors of SBI that can please the customer. Possibly SBI or the ad agency thinks that SBI is facing identity crisis.