21 August, 2007

Rock for Good Cause!

My blog is in lull even after I desperately tried reviving it.  Nothing much happening in my personal end.  My world now is my work, my friends, music, movies, magazines and occasionally spending time for good cause (like Dream A Dream work).  That's reason why I keep it low on blog world. Yet I do & will be reading all your blogs regularly.  Period.

Music and work are best combo. When you wanna concentrate on the work, spice it up with good environment and mellifluous music flooding that environment. Check back, your productivity would have gone up a lot. And that reasoning gives me a chance to listen to lot of world music. I reinvent my love for music daily.  That's why I invariably end up writing reviews for great music in my past blog posts.  Now one more...

I vote against rock music. I don't like most of rocks for the kind of pessimism and negative world portrayed by them. I was pleasantly surprised by this song. I am talking about "Zombie" from The Cranberries. Not the regular hear-deafening music. The song is catchy and caught my attention/interest. 

A good video of the song youtubed by Universal Music Group is available here:

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Jeevan said...

For good would be nice buddy. Enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

buddy ..your word verification is annoying me