16 July, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Hola! Thanks dear for giving this award to me.  I am pleasantly surprised. Now my turn to give this prestigious award to bloggers whom I admire and for whom I am an ardent fan.


GP, Ghosty needs no introduction.  His blog will bag awards in many categories, yet I love his poems. His blog is full of emotions; never hidden his darkest emotions from his writing.

Mystic Rose, Mysty's poems are classical pieces. I love her writing.


Visi- real pro photographer.   Her picture are poetic too! Her narrations of daily life incidents are simple yet attractive. Undoubtedly a classy blog!

Expression of emotions -

Thooya- Her words and memories adds the missing meaning to millions of martyrs who yielded their life for the mother land.  She is a great girl with immense potential to contribute significantly to Tamil Elam struggles


RanjHith. Creativity and innovation should be his second name. Lovely whiz kid with tons of ideas loaded on his head.

Modesty, subtle mockery on real life incidents -

Das- Not lot of people can mock at various meaningless incidents happening around with ease, Das can do.  I enjoy his writings.

Variety, optimism, inspiration -

Jeevz - His blog has never run out of varieties. Poems, movie reviews, inspirational words, stories, pictures, chennai happenings.... always bubbling with lot of energy



You deserve this special mention!

And thanks Marutham once again for tagging me and giving me a meaningful topic to write on for my 300th post! Yeah, I can't believe that I wrote 300 posts for my blog!

And a tamil rap song from Yogi, Dr.Burn...

Read more!


Keshi said...

Ghosty is amazing. His work is just out of this world. He's one of the few bloggers who make me feel blonde only cos his writing r so deep :)

Rose is a talented poet and a deep thinker. She often gets me wondering abt certain things I never thought of b4..

Great selection here Nirek!


Jeevan said...

Very happy to be selected to this award!! Thanks buddy :)

I haven't watched any tamil rap so far. Its nice, but the lines can't be understand.

Visithra said...

aww thanks dear - congrats on ur 300th post ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,

I'm touched...and let me give you a big teddy huggy..so sweet of you

love ya nirek

and congradulations dears

Das said...

what does thinking blogger mean dont we all have to think to put some stuff up on a blog .. and so who else is thinking blogger

Anonymous said...

:) Yavo Nirek - thanks for the credits.

300 ai touch panniaacha - ippo yellam post summa saralama varuthu - - good going. :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Wow. :) congrats to the awarded people! :) And congrats on ur 300 post Nirek! :)

Anonymous said...

nirek..do i hv to give these awards to other ppl?

ghost particle said...

what! NO! but thanks :p

300 warriors...bro...congratulations!
A true friend, someone whose open and always drops by to comment, I love you man!

A blonde Keshi? Come on...never! KEshi always smart, me? monkey see monkey do :p

Marutham said...

oops am late :D

Marutham said...

/And thanks Marutham once again for tagging me and giving me a meaningful topic to write on for my 300th post! /

WAY TO GO!!! :)
Rock on!
Good selection you have...Gp, Jeevan, Ranjhith are those i know. They deserve it!
ROCKING... Keep rocking!

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