19 August, 2006

suttum vizhi

Youtube is filled with lot of copyrighted stuffs. Like this.
  • It is bad, because anybody can sue the author for the publishing copyrighted stuffs.
  • It is good, because, we are archiving a lot of quality contents from movies in the internet. Internet is supposed to be one-stop shop for any of your search, right?
  • Anyway this song has got everything called lovely. Have fun, Enjoy
  • Can somebody tell me how can we download the coded video from youtube. I want to take this video to my mobile phone which can play video at QCIF, 3GP format

Sticky entry:
After 2-3 hours of research, I have found way to take videos from youtube to my mobile. Give it a try.
[+] Using streaming recording software, record the video from youtube. Link. The file downloaded will be in flash video player format. *.flv
[+] Use flv converter to convert the video to mpeg1 format. Link. Now we have a mpeg video file
[+] Use mpeg to 3gp converter software next. Link. Now the file you want is in 3gp format.
[+] Using data cable, move the media file to your mobile phone or personal media player


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ranjhith said...

Hey, I know a few incidences with "suttum vizhi".

* One person wrote the verses of this song (with modifications) to his/her love.
* Another changed his/her mobi's "hellotune" to this song.
* Yet another person recoded (changed bitrate) the audio of this song such that it gets played in his/her mobi.

Now its you going a bit further to pull in the video of this song to ur mobi.

I donno, whats so hot abt it? It happens only with Love, I guess!

ranjhith said...

Chk this: http://prabhukrish.net/2005/12/22/un-kannil-neer-vazhindhaal/


Nirek said...

thanks da. that link was too good, i enjoyed reading it.

Shravanthika said...

Good one..

Thanks Ranjhith. The link was also good