29 August, 2006

Mergers & Acquisitions Season!

After a relaxed long weekend, I was greeted with a surprise news today morning in my office . My company is getting acquired by another giant. There was a lot of discussions along with management. The acquisition got thums up from wall street as both companies have complementary product line and geographical presence. The deal is expected to go through on Q4 2006. More hot news to follow in coming days. Will keep this blogpost a sticky one to update.
My company share prices surges on this news
Official press release

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Arun Srinivasan said...

all the best during merger times dude!! I have started to blog again, after some 2 years.. take a look at the 1st post.. and hope ur doing ok after those negative events.

Nirek said...

thanks dude!. your email id cbepunk is bouncing...whats ur new email id?
I am back to normal after those irritating memories, but still not rejuvenated back!
ur first post was awesome! inspiring!