17 July, 2006

Lovely drop in Proverbial Ocean - Part II

Hi folks, I like to introduce the co-author for these stories. EmptyMind. She is my best friend. If you like these stories, now you know whom to appreciate! ;) If you haven't read the chapter -1, click here

Chapter 2 : On Sunday

Vasanth was unable to believe his luck. Inspite of German loosing the match, his proposal has been accepted. Now his mind was racing.. "When am I going to meet her next? How happy can our lives be? How did she manage to keep a blank face after seeing the SMS?"etc etc. All he could think of at that moment was the song "Ragasiyamanadhu kadal".

Now to Janu. She in her thoughts: "Why the hell did he tell me after all these years? I don't have time now. I gotto rush. Does he really know me after 10yrs? Yeah. Agreed I love him but am not sure if I am worth such a nice guy. Will my parents agree? Will his parents agree? Was I fast enough in telling a yes… but you know its OK. I love him so agreed. Nothing wrong in telling the truth. Atleast I made him happy for few minutes." etc etc.  All she could think of at that moment was the lines from song Etho ondru " Antha theivam unnai kakka thinam thozhuven thavaramal".

Janu was denying for her wedding at home for the past few years hoping Vasanth to propose her. Finally she gave up on this and blamed her luck and agreed to her parents to start looking for a guy. The proposals started coming and now this came suddenly. GOD sometimes, these guys are really really slow in doing things.

Time to know about the family of both these.

As I told before, Vasanth believes he is born to lead a majestic life. He has never been denied of whatever he wanted in his life. He could get everything easily and has never seen the "other side" of life. Everything will happen normally. According to him, his parents will not deny this either. Basically, nothing much to tell… He is a person born without a spoon ofcourse and was gifted with a silver spoon.

This Janu, has never seen anything that is "Normal" in her life. As mentioned before, for her life is a dream. She had to fight really hard to get even her smallest of all wishes to be fulfilled. The only faith in her life is GOD. Inspite, of all these things she has made every other person feel she is the luckiest soul on this earth and many were even jealous of her. At times, she used to laugh to herself thinking of these. People speak of multiple personality and it's really true in her scenario. One for her first circle of friends, One for everyone else and One for her family.

Thank God. It became Sunday evening. They had to catch the train and thanks to the people whoever had cancelled their tickets. The tickets were confirmed and they got 2 comfortable berths. The train was also empty when they boarded from their village. It gets filled after 3-4 hrs of journey in the next station only. So enough time for them to talk too… The train started and they both in full smiles.

As always, Janu started speaking with her great questions:

J:  So what SMS did you send me?

V: You read and replied right?

J: Yeah… but tell me na?

V: OK..I love you. Now what?

J: When did you start thinking of this? Started getting this feeling?

V: Long time back.. thought of telling you and told now.

Like this on and on the conversation continued between these two for looooooooooooong hours till the people came. Nothing serious was discussed or spoken and both were in their own dreams. Expecting everything to move smoothly. Thinking of how to start telling people at home and how to convince each. Discussing seemed really easy to them. Looks like, they have never seen a love marriage in their life.

Falling in Love with a person is difficult. After that, getting the courage and telling it to that person.. life is gone! And finally it getting acknowledged and accepted nothing more to beat it. It has happened in both their lives… What more is needed atleast to have some fun between them???

                                                - To be continued


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Ghost Particle said...

the subjective development of love is said best, but we might never know how the personal or subconcious inside of us feel when in love. That is indeed mysterious...and you wrote a good story!....waiting for the next.

Nirek said...

@Gp. thanks a million bro! your stories and poems are my inspiration.

Shravanthika said...

Cool procedings...All the best for theirs to succeed.

Anonymous said...


Nice blog. Nicer to see that there is a part III.

Best wishes always

Nirek said...

@Empty mind. Yeah . thanks. you are my co-author in this story. If you say like the story, the credit goes to you also ;)

Nirek said...

@GB.... thanks for appreciation. yeah I have lot to tell in future chapters.
btw do i know you? do you blog?

ranjhith said...

Hello guys (not u Satheesh),

What do u think of EmptyMind? I'm little confused & a bit speculating of something non-empty here. Do u say that there is an empty mind who is Nurturing a Dream? Ya Ya! I can hear it!

(The Blog administrator has only Read permission to this comment!)

Nirek said...

dont fuel the speculations bro! Enjoy the story. :)

Shravanthika said...

Hi Ranjith,

Thanks for addressing this to me :-) Satheesh you weren't supposed to answer this!!
I want to thank you first. This is the best compliment any author can get. Thanks again :-)And an important thing.. the sound you are hearing is probably the noise of hyderabad traffic jam...!


Nirek said...

@EM and @Ranhjith
Sabbassh...sariyana potti!
I encourage this comptetiton to speculate stories on my life! :)

ranjhith said...

From now on *Speculations* will be termed as *Gossips*. When these *G*s become real, never forget me to invite for a free lunch!!

Even in that noise, I could clearly hear this subtle Truth. I have snake's ears you know? Traffic in Blore, apart from being noisy can be dusty as well. Much better here. Then. Eventhough I didn't direct my question to u, Thanks for your explanation & confirming my uncertainties. (Satheesh, u have a very nice person to care abt u)

Anyways, I gonna get a free Lunch. >:O)

{The author of this comment is Ranjhith & not Rnajith or Ranhjith or Ranjith!! <:o()

Shravanthika said...

Hi Ranjhith,

I am really sorry for misspelling your name :(
I believe the question was adressed to me! U started as Hi Guys(not u satheesh).. so the other one is the one and only EM.. thats me :-)
Gossips never become real you know!! Start reading Tamil magazines yaar... it gets into total time pass about gossips you see!! If all those gets real..."GOD SAVE THIS WORLD".
Free Lunch - Just drop into Satheesh's house at Bangi.. and am sure he'll not charge you.


Nirek said...

@Ranjhith... me too sorry for spelling ur name wrong. I know u add one extra 'h', but didnt put that 'h' in proper place. :)
Yeah, You would have got treat from me. but now after you started all gossips, I have to think whether to take you for a treat or not ? ;)
when r u coming to bangalore next time?

Anonymous said...

it s nice

Nirek said...

Thanks for appreciation! But that appreciation is for that story or for Gossips in comments section??

ranjhith said...

EM & Satu, thanks for spelling that *silent* h in my name. As it is silent, generally people miss it - can't blame.
Then, Good that you have agreed for a free lunch. (Thanks for acknowledging that recommendation from EM).

BTW, the story a great going. Wud be great, if u cud link with the older parts of it.

Nirek said...

will definitely link the older part of it! thats a good feedback.

robbie said...

hey ..
gud one .. waiting for the next part .. do keep me posted reg when the next part is goin live :)

Nirek said...

thanks yaar. will definitely ping you once part3 is up!
me and my co-author were discussing abt how shd it go? lets see....
howz life there?

nomark said...

hello da machi..
co-author vaichu kalajurae??
Good going da..it was really interesting. very much cherished...no doubt vasanth and janu are made for each other...

eagerly waiting for partIII...

part II ended without climax and suspense....add some more spice with suspense

Nirek said...

thanks da macha for your lovely remarks!
periyavvanga sonnu perumal sonna mathirey! if u say they r made for each other, it shd be true.
part3 soon. me and my co-author busy in office.

Anonymous said...

Nice Story. Shows the inexperience though :-) An excellent grade can be provided for the starter.


Mystic Rose said...

so sweet! and typical too..the girl wanting to hear more and the boy is like i said it already.

Nirek said...

@mystic rose
Welcome here! I am surprised to see comments for this story after sooooo many days! anyways ;)