24 September, 2007

India Rocks!

Man! it's amazing match to remember for my life time!

Wow! I love twenty 20 format of cricket! I never had patience to see one whole ODI. T20 comes as lucky boon for people like me.

Me and my friends were enjoying this match in my home here.  Nail biting, heart popping, deafening shouts....it's best! India team rocked and made us all proud!

As usual lot of sentiments while we were seeing the match. A friend of mine really got pissed of the progress of the match and decided to go back to office. When he had almost left the house, Pakistan team lost their first wicket. Hurray! we were shouting like madmen; he came back running to join in the celebrations. Then that sentiment worked till the end. Whenever he decided to go back, a Pakistan wicket fell. He almost sacrificed witnessing the nail biting climax of the match because of this sentiment.  Hurray!!!

What a great moment!

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Ranjhith said...

Thala, Was worth bunking from office. :)

Anonymous said...

Ranjhith said...

Thala, Was worth bunking from office. :)

Adappavi, is it true??/

Jeevan said...

Its great movement from Indian young players. Yeep you friend always at your side when watching matches, the sentiment can work well in coming matches too :)