21 June, 2006

Dance Show Videos

After a short break, back with a blogpost. And thanks a million for all who encouraged me for my previous dance performance videos. This time, got few more video clips of the stage show. It was shot during my dance school summer showdown. Undoubtedly a great show with excellent performance from professional dancers. I too danced in the show for two songs (no wonder if you can't find me prominently in first two clips, I was dancing in the last row ;) bad dancer huhh...) yet all three video clips are worth watching.
video 1- genre: Jazz
video 2- genre: jiving
video 3- genre: HipHop. This is by professionals. You can spot the difference with ease.

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Ghost Particle said...

those were great moves. Nice for you to put up the video. Good to know u had the confidence. Jst believe in urself and u can do anything. Great moves.

Have a nice weekend bro.

Nirek said...

@gp, thanks bro. Believe in thyself is an interesting philosphical treatise. Hv u read the book" As a man thinketh" by James Allen...thats crux of this treatise. lovely book.
howz life there gp?

Anonymous said...

Hey! hey! Just dont get into these stuffs. We consider these ones fit for nothing :-)